Woodless Hull Construction

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Trojan International 10 Meter Liner Yachts

The Trojan International 10 meters are a liner boat.

The 10 meter express mid cabin is different boat and not part of the 10 meter International liner boats. If you have a 10 meter mid cabin you should always include (mid cabin) when referring to you mid cabin so there is no confusion.

A liner boat is a hull with premolded internal component which provide the basis for the internal hull structural support. These components like the engine room, forward cabin and aft cabin are glued to the hull.

The marked difference is a liner boat does not have long encapsulated stringers which are the backbone of a non liner boat.

The 10 meter family included:

10 meter sport express

10 meter aft cabin sport express

10 meter express flybridge

10 meter sport sedan

10 meter aft cabin sport sedan

There were two colors of the 10 meter white and tan making a total of ten different 10 meters to chose from.

Of the international boats the 9 meter was the only other non 10 meter that was a liner boat.

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