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Did you know that in 1968 Trojan became part of Whittaker (a company which purchased several boat companies). Bertram boats were one of the companies and marinas under the umbrella of Whittaker. The reason for the merger was to gain the capital necessary to begin the retooling to make fiberglass Trojan boats. In late 1980, Whittaker sold off the other companies and Trojan and Bertram were packaged and sold as one company becoming Bertram-Trojan (BTI). During the next 10 years, BTI changed ownership from several different investment groups till 1992. In 1992, the Trojan part of BTI was sold to Carver for around $800,000. Carver only took the 10.8, 11, 12 and 13 fiberglass meter boat molds. They never made any 11, 12 or 13 meter boats and these fiberglass molds were later destroyed. Carver did make boats from the Trojan fiberglass mold for the 10.8M (360 model). Carver did modify the 360 10.8 fiberglass mold so it was never the exact same boat as the Trojan 10.8. The Carver 360 model was made until 2005.

In March, 1985, Whittaker sold part of its interest in Bertram and three other marine companies to INVESTCORP in a leveraged buyout. The transaction was structured as a purchase by three newly formed companies. One, Bertram Trojan, Inc., acquired the assets of Bertram Yacht and the Trojan Yacht division. Retaining its own identity, Bertram emerged stronger than ever and introduced a 37-foot convertible with sleek, new styling.

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